BV9000 Pro: First impression

Last week I got the smartphone Blackview BV9000Pro and would like to share my first impression with you. Overall, I like the new outdoor smartphone even better than its predecessors (BV8000Pro, BV7000Pro and BV6000).


– It comes with Android 7.1.1
– The Android security patches are up to date
– Nice, big screen with good color rendering
The double camera on the back allows a simple switching between different sharp levels in the picture
Finally, an adapter is included with which every normal headset and headset will work with the device
The included headphones have a much better quality than before
The firmware is much more thoughtful than its predecessors
For example, there is now a real free allocation of the Smart Keys in three levels
Unlike the BV8000Pro, this model has gaskets again. If they are closed you can be sure that the use in the pool is not a problem.
To change the SIM card, the device must not be screwed on
The outdoor phone is not unimportant: GPS fix super fast and reliable.

What bothered me a little:

There are only 2 slots for SIM cards and Micro-SD. At the same time only one SIM + SD or two SIMs works.
Like the BV8000Pro, this model has again relatively “sharp corners”
The first time I got a warning about an expired Google certification. After the first firmware update (Over the Air via WLAN) this problem was solved.
There is no jack connection anymore. Listening to music is only possible via loudspeakers, Bluetooth or the enclosed USB C-to-Jack adapter. As a result, you can not charge the smartphone and listen to music via headphones without buying another adapter at the same time.
The annoying sound during the startup animation is now felt to be twice as loud. If one has set a password for the Android start both appear even twice. the sound can only be avoided by connecting adapter + headphones. Otherwise, the whole company automatically knows that the phone is restarting.
There is no longer any air pressure sensor. I never needed it, but there are certainly people who are interested in buying it.
Still “only” support for tracking via GPS and Glonass satellites. – Galileo and Beidou can not be used although the chipset supposedly supports it.
Unfortunately, there are no replacement seals on this model.